Thu 16 Jul 2020 21:31

After what seems like an eternity, the Government has decreed that Pubs and Club Bars can open from next Saturday, 4th July.

Warman Sports Club Ltd has given a great deal of thought as to how best to manage the opening of the bar bearing in mind the regulations as they stand.

The following procedures MUST be followed; a common sense approach by all of us will hopefully result in a safe environment so we can all enjoy a well earned drink! If you can, please bring your own camping/picnic/folding chair for outside.


  1. There will be a ‘one way’ system in operation and the only way to get to the serving hatch is via the ‘Patio’ door. The front door will be locked and the ‘Tennis Door’ will be EXIT only. Children under the age of 18 will NOT be allowed in the hall or bar, even if accompanied by an adult.

  2. Outside the patio door will be a hand cleansing station where customers will be able to use the hand sanitiser before proceeding.

  3. Anyone entering ANY part of the clubhouse, hall, bar or toilets, MUST wear a face mask or face covering. No mask, no entry.

  4. Inside the patio door, in the small vestibule, will be a REGISTER. All customers for the bar MUST print their name and telephone contact number on the register before proceeding.

  5. In the hall there will be a queuing system where positioned chairs will indicate the direction of flow and a 2 Metre spacing.

  6. The queue will lead you to the serving hatch. A Perspex screen has been installed to protect the bar staff.

  7. At the hatch, you may order your drinks and pay by CARD only. Cash will not be accepted. Drinks will be served in plastic, single use glasses or in Jugs.

  8. Having placed your order, proceed into the bar lounge area and approach the tables positioned in front of the bar. There you can collect your order. Disposable trays will be provided for those with only two hands.

  9. Leave the bar via the ‘Tennis’ door.

  10. The bar lounge area is NOT to be used, whatever the weather! 

  11. Outside, on the patio or on the grass, you must maintain social distancing.

  12. When your ‘glass’ is empty, please dispose of it in the bins provided. Empty jugs should be placed on the table provided where they will be collected by staff and properly washed.

  13. If you need to get more drinks, use the sanitiser outside the patio door before entering. There is no need to register a second or subsequent time


  1. The ladies toilets by the front entrance accessed from the hall will NOT be in use. Ladies will use the toilets in changing rooms 1 and 2 and access will be via the ‘Players’ entrance off the patio.

  2. The gents toilets will remain operational but access will also be via the outside changing room door. There will be no access from the hall.

  3. On the outside of each of these doors will be a sign indicating if there is a vacancy. 

  4. Only ONE lady at a time may use each of room 1 or 2. If the sign on the door shows VACANT, please change it to ENGAGED and enter. When you leave please change it back to VACANT. Please wash your hands thoroughly and extra sanitiser will be provided to apply to the toilet seat, flush handle/button and cubicle door handles.

  5. Two gents may use the gents toilet at the same time. There will be two Vacant/Engaged signs on the door. Please adopt the same procedure with these signs as in 4 above.


The bar will be open this weekend from 12 noon til 3pm.

There will obviously be teething problems and improvement to be made to the system and the hope is to increase those hours when possible.

The bar will NOT be open during the week and the clubhouse as a whole will remain ‘out of bounds’.

The bar will be staffed by June and RJ alone so please be patient and understanding of what they are doing.

The kitchen is strictly ‘OUT OF BOUNDS’ at all times. If you need water use the outside tap!


A big thankyou to everyone who has been working behind the scenes and to June and RJ who are desperate to see your lovely smiling faces again. Pray for good weather; bring your face mask and of course, your bank card!

Thank you

Jerry Freds Chairman, Warman Sports Club Ltd.

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